Monday, July 1, 2013

That's One Way to Fit a Manticore!

On Sunday the Caldari Militia hit Nisuwa. Throughout the afternoon they captured plex, supported by pirate friends, whilst the heavily outnumber QCats could only patrol the surrounding systems picking of stragglers.

By late afternoon the Squids had Nisuwa over 7% contested. The the US of A woke up.

By early evening the Caldari had been mostly evicted, Nisuwa was 3% de-contested and falling, and everything was getting back to normal. However, there were still a fair number of Caldari Militia about.

We pick up this story as Quantum Cats Syndicate pilot Drackarn comes back to the keyboard....

Whilst Nisuwa at that time was pretty much under control we still had a small squid infestation problem. There were Squids in Notoras, Hirri and Oin with them entering Nis every so often. We still needed to deplex Nisuwa but we also needed to clear out the Squids. I jumped into a "Cockbag Thrasher" and went to camp a gate whilst I logged a throw-away alt on. As the second client opened on the other monitor I saw the pod and remembered that he had lost his ship recently. I checked the market and bought him the only T1 frigate he could fly that was for sale in system, a Rifter. As he was only going to be defensive plexing I simply undocked in that. No mods, no rigs, nothing. I got him sat in a small plex as I went about bouncing gates as other QCats tried to encourage the plexing Squids to leave the surrounding systems.

A flash of orange caught my eye as I was waiting for a Squid to be flushed from the dead-end system of Notoras. An enemy Manticore had entered the small plex. I immediately warped Drackarn and got the alt to approach the squid. He'd landed a few kilometre off but my plan was to get the alt close enough to stop him cloaking. Drackarn had a 32AU warp so I needed time. I bumped the Manticore, slowly, with the alt. Then something very unexpected happened, he bumped me back!

I think he realised that it was an unfit deplexing Rifter (I hadn't even bothered to lock him) so thought it would be funny to bump back. I continued to play along as Drackarn hurtled down the warp tunnel. Finally the Manticore pilot must have got bored, or the rat in the plex was giving him problems, as he finally yellow-boxed my alt. Unfortunately for the Squid, Drackarn had just activated the acceleration gate and landed at the 'warp-in' a few seconds later.

I insta-locked the Manticore and it assploded on the first volley. This obviously shocked the hapless Squid as I was able to get his pod. I cracked that open and I quickly scooped the loot and the corpse without looking and warped back to station to drop it off. I was in a rush to get back to the Notoras Gate to catch the Squid that was in there.

Whilst in warp I linked the kills in Corp. I thought at that point I'd check if he'd had any implants. Most plex farmers don't, but we get a few that have 20 to 100m heads sometimes.

I did a double take. Over 1bn ISK in Snakes and skill hardwirings! Oh yes! -

So if he fits his head like that, how does he fit his Mantico...... OMG! -

I opened the Thrashers cargo bay to check, and yes, 300m ISK in dropped loot from the 1bn ISK faction fit Stealth Bomber was sat there.

That was the icing on the cake of what was the last day of the QCats best ever month in terms of kills. 3714 kills were made by QCats members in June 2013 which also pushed us into the top 10 on the BattleClinic corporation rankings.

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