Friday, August 2, 2013

July, A Great Month for Killin'

Cromwell Savage here,

July 2013 was a great month for the Quantum Cats. Once again, we set a new corporation record for most kills in a month. We ended the month with 4,419 kills, well above our previous best of 3,716 just the month prior from our 94 members. That equates to an average of 142 kills per day or 47 kills per member! We also cracked open 780 capsules. An average of 25 per day! In low-security space no less. No “easy button” bubbles to hold opponents down, but a minimum of one “point” per opponent. I say minimum loosely, as anyone who has ever fought us knows that we love our kill mails and have been known to “hold” opponents while we await corp-mates so that they may too partake in the time honoured tradition of “pod kill mail whoring”.

We have some who are full-time, uber carebears to part-time PvPers and missioners to the full-time, blood-lusting core group of Faction Warfare fighters. We can field anything from tech 1 frigates to capitals, but our primary enjoyment comes from solo-small gang PvP. Battles like what went down in 6VDT-H mean little to us. We pride ourselves on fighting in ships and numbers that allow for very little error in individual piloting. We don’t rely on an FC to generate content, our pilots undock and go make it themselves.

Because of this mindset, our merry band of “FW scrubs” has clawed its way to the #8 spot on the BattleClinic corporation PvP rankings, has been the top ranked “recent” corp on BattleClinic for several months, and has become the single most "killingest" corporation in Faction Warfare history (FW kill final blows). In addition to our lust for small(er) gang PvP, we have also held onto our “home systems” against multiple attacks and are one of the few places in FW space that is consistently 'stable'. These attacks have ranged from several plex farming pushes all the way to alliances (with non-FW help) setting up POS' in system to use as logistical staging hubs. All attempts have failed to dislodge us. What our opponents continue to fail to comprehend is what we get out of being in Faction Warfare. System Sov is a means to an end, not “the" end. Our end goal is PvP, and system sov is one of the means that provides that. Therefore, the harder they push, the more we get out of it. There very well may be a day we get forced out of Nisuwa, but it will be a long and bloody fight for whoever does it. We don’t plan to have to jump any combat ships out when that time does come...

QCats has been at this for five years now. Over that time, Eve and FW has changed, corporations/alliances have come and gone on all sides. Yet, Quantum Cats Syndicate remains. A large part of our pilots want nothing else. This is our Eve and no amount of ISK, real life media reporting or carebear loot will tear us away from what we truly enjoy the most….killing squids. Here's to several more years of flying with some of the most aggressive, tenacious pilots in our little piece of Eve - o7.

QCats…..F*** YEAH!

As always, fly deadly!

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