Friday, May 10, 2013

Number One on Number 10

We were there when the Caldari captured all the systems. We were the founders of the original "Fortress Nenna". We were there for the Battle of Tama and we were there when the Gallente captured all the systems. Now QCATS are the all time leader of Faction Warfare kills. We have come a long way from our humble roots of a handful of pilots on Rifter roams when "shipping up" meant getting T1 cruisers.This is the story of how we began and how we eventually became the leader of Faction Warfare Kills on "Eveis10 day".

We started in Villore, while the STPRO forces controlled most of the systems, and would launch quick strikes deep into the war-zone against war-targets and pirates alike. Led at the time by Juan Rayo (founder of QCATS) along with other core members, such as Chatgris, Omegris, Onezen, Flashfisher, Igloo and others, we made a relativity small impact in the overall war effort until we started working together with other Gallente militia corps. Under the Villore Accords (Mutual Defense Pact-MDP) started by Strix Armaments and Defence we then made the move to Nennamalia to establish a low-sec base of operations along with the other corps such as Shadows of the Federation, NME1, Genstar, Hypernova.

Once there, we began to secure the system and realized the power of coordination between our corps. We became a threat the STPRO forces could not contend with. This psuedo-alliance became the power in the warzone (aside from the notorious pirate organizations in the area at the time, such as BYDI, Invicta, etc) leading to the dubbing of Nennamalia as "Fortress Nenn". After a few months of living there, we were eventually driven out by the Dead Terrorists alliance because of the overwhelming forces they had available to them. We then decided to move our base of operations to Heydieles, due to its proximity to highsec for resupply (at that time, QCATS was still NRDS and had limited logistical capabilities) and its strategic location in being the main hub for the 3 main pipelines of the warzone.

Eventually some members of Bi-Polar (ex-Wrath of Fenris) began making leadership decisions without seeking input from other MDP member corps, requiring people to attend training ops and reducing the amount of influence small corps had in the overall MDP operations, thus alienating the smaller corps. Because of this and due to ROE differences, Buckswanson and a few QCATS decided to leave QCATS and form Percussive Diplomacy; a peaceful division which also resulted in a prosperous future between the two corps. After the drama was eventually concluded by the dissolve of the MDP, SOTF moving to Nisuwa, and most of the other US TZ corps remained in Heydieles.

SLAPD took it upon themselves to reorganize the US TZ corps under a shared intel channel, and ventrillo server. A much more corp-independent organization now, members were able to coordinate and fight targets with more efficiency while retaining our individual corp directives. We were able to secure Heydieles during our timezone against Caldari plexers and had targets of opportunity with the local pirate corps that lived in the area.

It was during this time that QCATS began to emerge as a leader of the militia. After Armored Core Armed Forces closed, many members (including myself, MinuteManKirk) found a new home in QCATS as their kills and reputation began gaining fame. QCATS began to perfect the art of Nano-Combat with BCs, resulting in some massive victories on our side including the famed "Battle of Tama".

It was also during this time that QCATS discussed and eventually initiated it's current NBSI policy. This lead to QCATS becoming more independent of other Gallente Militia corps because of the standings hit for repairing pirates. As such, QCATS decided to return to Nennamalia in order to create a target rich environment by being surrounded by Caldari. It worked. The sheer number of kills generated by our best pilots like Chatgris, Princess Nexxala, Cromwell Savage and others, in tandem with the continuing emergence of QCATS as a leader in the militia because of FC's like Ammon Dei and Chatgris, eventually garnered the attention of the rest of the militia leading many corps to leave Heyd and move to Nenna where almost all of them still reside.

Feeling somewhat crowded and wanting to refresh the target spectrum, QCATS then moved to Nisuwa where we worked for a while with our old friends of SOTF until they left the militia.

We are still based in Nisuwa, proving time and again that we are able to hold against far larger numbers. With our reputation we have gained many experienced pilots like AshenShugar01, Drackarn and others.

We usually fly solo and in small gangs, achieving success through superior skill and having a "10% rule" (that is with a 10% chance of success we will engage), we have sometimes been dumbfounded in our winning of fights we likely shouldn't have won. As of May 5th, 2013, this helped us to become the all time leader in Faction Warfare kills, where we hope to stay.

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