Friday, April 19, 2013

QCats, The 7th Most PvP Active Corp in Eve?

Poetic has been at it again. His database of kills has been crunched again and his last post presented us with the top 100 corps in Eve Online in terms of PvP activity.

We looked at number one and almost choked to see Brave Newbies Inc in the top spot. Looking at the rankings it is clear Po has not gone for most kills but most appearances on kill mails. So the two thousand kills BNI got in March, plus their twelve thousand losses in March, put them ahead of the rest.

We were please to see Quantum Cats Syndicate sitting in 7th place. And that is due to kills not losses before anyone says anything!

We're in good PvP company - both RvB corps, Goonwaffe, Dreddit and Wildly Inappropriate are all top 10 around us. However, compared to some of those guys we're much, much smaller. So we took a closer look at the numbers and did some queries on Dotlan on member numbers for the corps in the top 10.

Kills and losses in March

The kills and loses are from Poetic's post. We put in 'Activity' to show the ranking he used a bit clearer. Then we added the kill/death ratio in, how many members Dotlan says the corp has and worked out kills per member and losses by member.

Sorting by most kills we jump a place to 6th. 

March Kills

But sorting by kill/death ratio puts us up to third behind Wildly Inappropriate and the Russian Thunder Squad! Good but we think we can go even better if we start looking at kills per member.........................

March Kills per Member

Yes there are lies, damn lies and statistics, but we think the graph above is appropriate. Then again we would wouldn't we ;)

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