Thursday, March 28, 2013

Welcome to Ways of the Mew

Hello and Welcome to Ways of the Mew!

This is the official blog of the Quantum Cats Syndicate. We are an Eve Online PvP corporation operating on NBSI rules of engagement and a founding member of the Samurai Pizza Cats Alliance. Currently we are aligned to the Gallente Federation in Faction War and are based in the low-sec system of Nisuwa in Black Rise.

As you can read below, we're pretty relaxed in game and believe real-life comes first. If you think fun means not serious take a look at our killboard. We are the biggest killer in the Gallente Militia and our kills for March 2013 so far are over 3100 from our 87 members!

We are ranked as 18th on BattleClinic and have a number of members in the top 100.

Whilst we have strategic cruisers, faction battleships and capital ships ready to rock and roll, we also have official corp doctrines such as the "Cockbag Thrasher", "The Snarpy" and the "NAFF - Not A Fleet, Fleet". Members are encouraged to try new fits and tactics and generally enjoy themselves. There is usually constant action with solo, small gang and roaming fleets at different times of the day.

About the QCATS-

Quantum Cats Syndicate [QCATS] is a capsuleer corporation created early into the second Gallente-Caldari war. Since siding with the Gallente Federation, QCATS has been authorized by the CONCORD Emergency Militia War Powers Act to wage "uncontested war within the boundaries of Empire space" on behalf of the Federal Defense Union. QCATS is a privateer corporation operating under a "Not Blue, Shoot It" (NBSI) RoE and will engage both known and potential threats to itself, the Gallente Militia, and the Gallente Federation as a whole. Capsuleer corporations loyal to the Gallente Federation but not part of the FDU that enter the warzone are encouraged to seek positive standings with the QCATS to avoid friendly fire.

QCATS as a corporation is dedicated to excellence amongst our membership and on the battlefield. To act respectfully, give respect to our friends and foes, and in return gain their respect, is our overriding mission. We strive to not start drama, make threats, or talk smack. QCATS is meant to be a place where mature, relaxed individuals interested in fighting for theGallente Federation can join a group of similar capsuleers and enjoy a relatively drama free, active, and respectable environment. QCATS take their internet spaceships very seriously, but are also a real life comes first corporation. While on voice communications, you will often hear babies crying, wives asking for bugs to be killed, children asking for daddy to play with them, etc. QCATS will often have to leave fleet for “wife/baby/child aggression”.

QCATS pilots are expected to enjoy a wide variety of piloting styles. QCATS can be seen roaming solo, in small 2-10 man gangs, or in larger 20-50 man gangs. These fleets consist of both the looser organized “bring what you have” and the more organized “bring exactly this ship and fitting” type fleets. QCATS can also be seen flying in corporate only fleets as well as Gallente Militia fleets with anything from a T1 frigate to capitals. It is not unexpected to be flying in a small T1 frigate or destroyer gang one minute and then be reshipping to battleships and dreadnoughts 5 minutes later. We are proud of our BattleClinic ranking and use our killboard as a major metric of our success. However, we don't care about losses and won't critize members for their losses. We also encourage members to fly experimental fits in small gangs and to try new gang concepts.

We hope this blog will become an essential source of battle reports, fitting and tactics, screenshots and the occasional lolcat.

If you have any queries you can reach us on Twitter @quantumcats or any of the people below in-game.

Chatgris - CEO

MinuteManKirk - Diplomat

Drackarn - Public Relations

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